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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Latest List Price of Samsung Galaxy in May 2014

Latest list price of Samsung Galaxy in May 2014 is not too much changed the price as it happened some time ago . Samsung Galaxy is still dominating the Android smartphone market in Indonesia .

The following is a list of the latest price of Samsung Galaxy HP in May 2014 that was launched from
Samsung galaxy price below USD 85.97
Samsung Galaxy Star USD 67.83
Samsung Galaxy Y USD 77.37
Samsung Galaxy Y Neo USD 79.09Samsung galaxy price below USD 171.94
Samsung Galaxy Chat USD 98.69
Young Galaxy USD 104.45
Samsung Galaxy Star Plus USD 111.67
Samsung Galaxy Fame USD 141.42
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 USD 164.2
Trend Galaxy Duos 171.85
Samsung Galaxy Infinite USD 153.71Samsung galaxy price below USD 257.9
Samsung Galaxy Core U.S. $ 201.94
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini USD 223.43
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo USD 245.79
Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos USD 266.42Samsung price range of USD 300.89 - USD 730.74
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 USD 315.51
Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 USD 339.58
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 USD 416.95
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini USD 386.86
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom U.S. $ 417.38
Samsung Galaxy Note II USD 509.37
Samsung Galaxy S4 USD 524.33
Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition USD 541.52
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo USD 552.35
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 USD 670.48
Samsung Galaxy S5 USD 730.66

Based on the results of our monitoring , almost all Samsung smartphones low-end consisting of the Galaxy Y , Galaxy Y Neo , Young Galaxy , Galaxy Chat , and the Galaxy Star Plus insignificant increase , ranging between USD 1.72 - USD 3,44.

In contrast , Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones middle class consisting of 3 Galaxy Ace , Galaxy Core , Galaxy S3 Mini , and new product Galaxy Grand Neo decline also not too significant .While the upper class , the Samsung product range observed stable price. S5 Galaxy smartphones presence does not much affect the ranks of smartphones over the previous generation .
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Monday, 17 February 2014

Ubuntu Kylin Ready Intercepting Windows in China

Ubuntu Kylin Ready Intercepting Windows in China-A year ago the Chinese government took Canonical to develop an operating system specifically for the state tersebut.Sebuah operating system Ubuntu named Kylin and reportedly prepared to displace the dominance of Windows in China.The development of the Ubuntu operating system Kylin Chinese government to reduce or even get rid of the dependence on Windows and Android operating systems.This is because the Chinese government considers that the open-source operating systems such as Ubuntu Linux is the perfect solution to replace Windows and Android.
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Monday, 23 December 2013

List of 22 Most Popular Facebook Games

Not only used as a social network , facebook it also became the arena of the many various games make users addicted .Perhaps you are one of the users who are addicted to Facebook games itu.From list JerukNipis quoted from Neowin , the game is getting gear " Game of the Year 2013 " Criminal Case is utilizing Facebook Open Graph API .The following is a complete list of the names of the most popular games available on Facebook :

List of 22 Most Popular Facebook Games

Category Game Latest:
  1. Bake Shop Drop by Broken Bulb Studios [ Match- 3 game ]
  2. Farm Heroes Saga by King [ Match- 3 game ]
  3. Heart of Vegas by Product Madness / Aristocrat [ Slots game ]
  4. Hit It Rich Casino Slots by Zynga [ Slots game ]
  5. Jelly Splash by Wooga [ Match- 3 game ]
  6. Kitchen Scramble by Disney Interactive [Strategy /time management game]
  7. Monster Legends by Social Point [ Monster battles game ]
  8. The Smurfs & Co . : Spellbound by Ubisoft [ Strategy / village building game ]
  9. Soldiers Inc. . by Plarium [ RTS games ]
  10. Solitaire Tales by Qublix [ Cards game ]
  11. Thunder Run War of Clans by SpinPunch Games [ RTS games ]
  12. Vikings Gone Wild by EveryDayiPlay [ RTS games ]

Category Staff Favorites Facebook
  1. DoubleU Casino by AFewGoodSoft [ Cards game ]
  2. Game of Thrones Ascent by Disruptor Beam [ RPG / simulation game ]
  3. King's Bounty : Legions by Nival [ Turn - based strategy game ]
  4. Panda Clock by SGN [ Matching Game ]
  5. Wartune by 7Road/Proficient City [ MMORPG ]
  6. War Commander by Kixeye [ RTS games ]

While the game has a title of " Hall of Fame ", but remained popular in 2013 are as follows :
  1.     Candy Crush Saga by King [ Match- 3 game ]
  2.     DoubleDown Casino by DoubleDown Interactive / IGT [ Cards game ]
  3.     2 by Zynga Farmville [ Farm simulation game ]
  4.     Slotomania by Playtika / Caesar ' s Interactive [ Slots game ]

Facebook itself has started a trend display for user games on the site since 2012 . Now this year the list of games on the site have been included and users who have not tried these games can use these lists to spend free time
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Monday, 16 September 2013

Review Tablet Nokia Sirius: Photo & Specifications Outstanding

Review Tablet Nokia Sirius: Photo & Specifications Outstanding  - Process of acquisition and consolidation of Nokia by Microsoft apparently does not influence the roadmap Finnish manufacturer to deliver a new product. Recently were photographed using the latest Nokia tablet codenamed Sirius that carries the Windows RT operating system.

The photo shows the Nokia tablet Sirius red light with a design similar to the Lumia smartphone, which brings the corners firm and combined with bright color casing. The back of the tablet looks to be a camera hole in the upper left corner.

Nokia tablet
leaked photos Sirius is derived from technology bloggers are quite popular, namely Paul Thurrot. Sirius Nokia tablet will reportedly be priced at U.S. $ 499. Other sources also mention that this tablet will be launched with the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet Bandit on September 26, 2013.

Sirius is using a Nokia tablet operating system Windows RT and brings a touch screen with the ability of 5-point multi-touch with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels measuring 10 inches. This is different from tablet specs Nokia RX-114 that leaked some time ago, which is 1366 x 768 pixels.

Sectors kitchen runway, Windows-based Nokia tablet Sirius should be proud because this RT is powered by one of the most powerful chipset today, the 800 made ​​by Qualcomm's Snapdragon. This chipset brings quad-core Krait processor 400 with 2.3 GHz speed paired with Adreno graphics processor capable of 330 with 2GB of RAM memory.

Quoted from VR-Zone (09/12/2013), Sirius Nokia tablet is equipped with a rear camera with a resolution of 6.7 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens
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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Review Computer : Asus M70, which Comes First Computer NFC & Wireless Charger

Review Computer : Asus M70, which Comes First Computer NFC & Wireless Charger - Through a series of Asus M70, Asus introduced the first desktop computer equipped with NFC (Near Field Communications) and wireless charger . Asus M70 desktop computer will menawakan easy way to connect a desktop PC to the mobile device via NFC facilities.

As we know, today almost all smartphones, tablets, and phablet upper middle class has been equipped with NFC connectivity features. The NFC feature serves to facilitate mengenalai device to other devices, so the Bluetooth connection and transfer files between devices can be done more easily.

As a desktop computer with the world's first NFC features, Asus M70 allows users to log on to a PC and run the application through the NFC, do a backup and sync photos with a smartphone is just a click and detect the status of the last synchronization.

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus M70 is equip with a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to ensure power supply during synchronization and when power off, then the computer will drive the system into hybernate mode. 

Asus M70 is also equipped with a wireless charger or a wireless charger that is on the top that serves to recharge the battery on a smartphone to feature wireless charging.

Sectors kitchen runway, Asus M70 is powered by Intel Haswell processors are available in several variants, namely the Core i3, i5, or i7. Graphical sector, Asus M70 offers variants ditengai by Nvidia GeForce GTX650 graphics to ensure that the resulting performance.

Quoted from Softpedia (09/14/2013), unfortunately until now unknown price and availability of desktop computers is Asus M70.
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